(Also Tumbleweed) KDE Baloo crashing issue after the upgrade from Leap 42.3

Please be aware that, some KDE users may experience Baloo crashes after the system upgrade from Leap 42.3 to Leap 15.0.
Looking at the KDE Bug Report, some Tumbleweed users are also experiencing this Baloo issue.
[HR][/HR]The KDE Bug Report is: “Bug 389848” – “baloo crash on login” – <https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=389848>.
[HR][/HR]I’ve posted a solution which works for me as a comment to the above Bug Report this morning.
The KDE folks haven’t responded yet – my comment is quite new.

Deleting/renaming “~/.local/share/baloo/” after updating KDE/Plasma has been an expected exercise for a long time. A similar situation applies to Akonadi. It is best to leave the a while to rebuild their indices/databases before shutting down.

There’s a comment on the KDE Bug Report indicating that, the expectation is, when updated, applications should migrate cleanly …

  • My experience (with real-time, stand-alone, remote, difficult to physically access, systems) is that, implementing migration routines for a system upgrade is one of the more difficult software disciplines …

I strongly advise exporting all the KMail folders before doing the Akonadi housekeeping – I occasionally have a suspicion that, the e-Mail isn’t a file in either of ‘~/.local/share/local-mail/’ or ‘~/.local/share/.local-mail.directory/’ but, mysteriously lurking in the Akonadi database, somewhere – I, occasionally, can’t find the e-Mail file …