"alsasound" won't stay "Yes" in System Service

Whenever I try to enable alsasound in system service the “Yes*” changes to “Yes”. I then save the changes and YaST2 closes. When I check to see if it remains enabled, it still see it as “Yes*”.

For all intense purposes it is “enabled” but I would like to completely have it enabled…that is see it in System Service as “Yes”. Why isn’t this happening and how can I fix this.

Would you elaborate on what your intentions are, or suspicions to what might be wrong? It is the same on my system, I suppose it is how it should stay.


I experienced also this issue, and although I’m not such deep expert, but I concluded this is a bug with the new systemd service handling. See my observations here:

When the systemd method is used in OpenSUSE 12.1, the alsasound service is not able to start. I was not able to fix this, when using systemd.
If you really need the alsasound service up and running, the only workarund that I found, is to change from systemd to sysvinit service handling method.

Check “ls -l /sbin/init” command to figure out where the init command points, is it systemd or sysvinit?
You can change to sysvinit method temporarily, if during GRUB boot, you press F5 key on keyboard, and select sysvinit.

But you only need alsasound service up and running if some application is using the alsa driver.