Alsamixer as default

I’m having a trouble with my sound card (as usual).
I installed OpenSuse 13.1 and using external USB soundcard. Using asound by because it worked on 12.3.

I managed to force smplayer to use alsa and my sound works fine, that means 5.1. BUT, I cant manage to force whole system to use alsa therefore 5.1. For example when I play music with Decibel it works only on 2 front speakers. And when I check alsamixer, there is only one stripe by Pulse audio…(changing soundcard to USB it shows every stripes).

**Problem is, I dont know how to make my system running with alsa like default… I guess it will solve my problem with 5.1.
Could you please give me some easy advice? I use Linux for few years but I’m still just a common user.

Thanky you :slight_smile:

I somehow managed to do it by pavucontrol… but it was just wild guess… Just tried some combination and some worked…
But I’m still courious how this sfaff works… why alsa and pulsaudio together…

This might help explain the Linux audio stack

For troubleshooting, this excellent guide guide by Steve Litt has proven useful to me in the past: