Has anybody used this? I’ve installed it but get no equalizer.

I used this repo and Yast:

OpenSUSE 12.2 64 bit Kde 4.

looks like you need to alter some config files to use it.

Have a read through the usage section here

the digital machine

I did that but it seems that it only works with Alsamixer and Alsamixer-gui so I installed those, gave the proper command and it comes up with and equalizer. The problem now is that even though the sliders move it doesn’t affect anything.

have you tried pulseaudio-equalizer instead?
It’s in packman and works out-of-the-box for me.

Or have you disabled pulse audio?

I have the Pulse Audio equalizer yes and it does work. It’s just that some programs (games) I have don’t work with Pulse Audio. Legends for instance. There are a couple of commands that I don’t remember as I type this that are supposed to make it work but unfortunately they did not work for me so I was thinking of shutting off pulse entirely and using alsa.

PulseAudio doesn’t sound as good as ALSA in my experience.

I’d check your ears (or computer).
Pulse Audio should have no bearing on the quality of audio that you are listening to (unless something is wrong).

Barmy, what a display of sheer ineloquence.

Care to elaborate on advantages/uses of Pulse Audio server over any other?

I wasn’t suggesting pulse was superior to alsa or vice versa in my post.
What I was suggesting is that there should be no discernible difference in audio quality between the two. If there is then you most likely have a configuration problem.