alsa-driver-kmp install issue

My microphone isn’t working with applications and following the bugzilla New: openSUSE-11.4 CX20585 Lenovo G460 - internal mic does not work - - ArchiveOrange.

I’m following the alsa update guide SDB:Alsa-update - openSUSE .

UPDATED Kernel Section STEP-FIVE - install alsa-driver-kmp package

when I try to install alsa-driver-kmp package I receive this msg:

Problem: nothing provides ksym(desktop:_raw_write_unlock) = 302472d6 needed by alsa-driver-kmp-desktop-
 Solution 1: do not install alsa-driver-kmp-desktop-
 Solution 2: break alsa-driver-kmp-desktop- by ignoring some of its dependencies

Using 12.1 with kernel 3.5.3-1-desktop