Alpine/pine or Kernel Bug?

We have an NFS mounted mail spool served to a number of client computers. Since the most recent kernel patches available for OpenSUSE Leap 42.2, the alpine/pine mail client gives an error message every time mail is delivered to a user’s inbox.

We get the following errors:

[Unexpected changes to folder (try restarting): ]


This happens when a new mail is received and a user has their inbox open.

This is specific to kernel version 4.4.79. When I booted a test system to kernel 4.4.74 alpine/pine behaves as it always has and recognizes that new mail has been received.

Is this a bug in the latest kernel or a bug in alpine/pine that hasn’t shown up under previous kernel versions?

Thanks for any ideas about resolving this.

Maybe upgrade your test system to the latest kernel and see if your problem reoccurs?


Thanks for the response. I wasn’t clear in my original post.

The test system is on the latest patch level and the problem occurs on it when I boot into the most recent kernel. When I select “Advanced Options” and chose the prior kernel, the problem disappears.