Almost lost the will to live, LOLZ

I have been a user of OpenSuSE for a long time without any significant issues.

I now have a network issue with 13.2 (both regular and Tumbleweed).

I have internet access, but the network cable icon in the lower right has a red ‘+’ next to it and a message that network manager is not running. Starting the service does not help. The main symptom that something strange is going on is that Yast does not find any updates (again, for wither the regular install or Tumbleweed). I just cannot believe that there are no updates for a two month old distro.

I have installed, uninstalled and reinstalled many times and done as much as I can on my own.

I have searched this forum for a while but could not find anything that fits the bill. I am trying to install the x64 version and all computers are affected.

Any ideas on what is wrong?

Belated Happy New Year


Perhaps Wicked is managing the service.

Go to YAST -> Network Devices -> Network Settings -> Global Options and check Network Setup Method. If it’s set to Wicked, change it to NetworkManager.

If it’s NM already, switch to Wicked, OK come back and change it back to NM.

Thanks for that info.