almost hang

Hi people,

someone could explain me why if I right-clikking on some file on desktop (or in other directory) to view properties, the system almost hang let me waiting long time (it could be 1 minute or more) before to respond… ?!?

ps. …I use an opensuse 11 with gnome, and my desktop login into a windows domain.

thx in advance :slight_smile:

what are the specs on your computer? ram? prossesor speed? video?
it could be your video card cant handle the interface.

or using beagle on a reiserFS partition.

…first thx everybody is trying help me :smiley:

here I am… now I’m at home, so I can’t write exactly sepc, but if my memory help me again, it must be an HP workstation with 1Gb ram an integrated vga Ati X200 and Amd 2800 processor …but a question here, If it is an hardware problem I think must be many other problem handling graphics with gnome… isn’t it ?!? :open_mouth:
Imho I must admit the other thing (application, browsin’ etc…) appear working fine…

…I think not here 'couse I’ve an ext3 fs …thx

…some other idea ?

thx :slight_smile:

> ps. …I use an opensuse 11 with gnome, and my desktop login into a

there have been lots of folks with similar problems and many
different ways to attack it, see here for a short review:

good luck,

see caveat:
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