Allowing knetworkmanager control for VPN to a remote connected user?

Hi All,
I’ve got something I cannot figure out, and I am betting the collective can help :slight_smile:

I’ve got an HTPC server that is generally running XBMC on the front end. It is always logged in as “XBMCUser” and using the TV as a display. I use KDE/KNetworkmanager on the front end for the network control.
This all works great, except for one thing - since there isn’t a keyboard generally connected to it, I remote in using NX (NoMachine’s client and server) to do admin work. Recently I’ve started to need to bring up a VPN connection once in a while to connect to my office from that box. After some trial and error, it turns out that I cannot create or manage network connections while logging in remotely as either “XBMCUser” or as the normal admin account. I get errors of “Not authorized to control networking”. If I connect a keyboard to the machine, and use the TV as the head, it works fine.

I am guessing that it has to do with the first user that is logged on gains control of networking, and that’s where my “expertise” ends…

Is there anyway to allow any user connected to bring up and down existing VPN connections?

This is a 12.1 system.


Yes, it involves adding a couple of policy lines in /etc/polkit-default-privs.local, then running ‘set_polkit_default_privs’ (as root)


Here’s the NetworkManager policies

pkaction --list |grep Net

Awesome! Exactly what I needed! Thanks!

Glad to be of help.