Allow Evolution email client to automatically unlock default keyring?

So I’ve tried finding a solution to this on my own for the past few days (believing it is a simple solution), but for the life of me I can’t figure it out.

I’m running 11.2 and I have Evolution as a start-up program and I have finally got my wireless working, so it connects automatically at start-up also.

I figured out how to have network manager automatically unlock the default keyring, but…

So here’s my problem / question:

Each time evolution starts up I am prompted to unlock the default keyring. How can I give Evolution permission / access to the default keyring automatically so it can check me email upon start-up without me having to type in my password?


If you automate the access to the keyring, you may as well turn it off. It’s meant to keep your passwords stored encrypted so that others cannot read them. It will need a password to open it’s own files and access the passwords for other access.
Turning off the keyring, or kwallet on KDE4, means that all passwords are either stored unencrypted, i.e. unprotected, or not stored at all.