All time Konqueror users please join..

Hello, Guys

Just this Konqueror issue bothers me really bad. So decide to share it here and see if anyone has a better solution.

Java support is really poor in konqueror.

For example,

  1. on and just try to join a test meeting. It never opens the meeting window however there is no error or any kind prompt.
  2., if you try to upload a picture, you have to choose simple uploading tool in konqueror in order to do the job.

Why java can not be made work properly like in firefox and chrome? Is there any critical hurdle that I did not know?

My solution: use konqueror for normal browsing and switch to firefox or chrome for java sites. This bothers, right?

Please suggest some useful solution if you have.


chinese ys wrote:
> This bothers, right?

no, it does not bother me since my motto is use what works!

i have four browsers here and use three of them constantly…one i
keep only because it works with one of my online banks (and the others
do not), another i keep because it works with a different and most
other sites…but is not best for some sites…

see, as long as website designers are free to either follow the W3
standards or Redmond standards there will always be a need for more
than one browser (or, just not go to some sites)…

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Well, I would have to disagree with you on this. I know there is no single browser handles all the websites out there pefectly (maybe IE?). However for the most sites I normal go, firefox or chrome handles pretty well. Konqueror on the other hand, works for non java sites pretty good.

If it is really not possible for konqueror team to make it work properly with java sites, I would think I change default browser to firefox or chrome. (I hate to do so but I hate to constantly switching too).

The thing with konqueror is it access’s java directly no plugin it is a different beast. Sorry don’t have a solution as I stopped using kde.

Konqueror - Java HOWTO

Interesting about the link. I checked it last week too. However I really think it is out of date now.

Anyway, thanks for the info

Not sure why you think it is out of date…

[KDE] Index of /trunk/KDE/kdelibs/kjs]( kjs still exists in trunk.

So IMHO it is very much still relevant.

Section about: Getting HTTPS support for Applets is out of date at least.

Konqueror is work in progress. You can sometimes get things to work by enabling WebKit with View>View Mode>WebKit or by explicitly right clicking.

Also it is part of KDE philosophy to reuse elements; so calling another application to do a particular job rather than having duplicate code in Konqueror fits the KDE philosophy.

Are u running KDE 4.3.5 or KDE 4.4 already? Because my KDE 4.3.5 konqueror does not have that view mode under view menu.

BTW, Which kde version will be included in 11.3?

<< Originally Posted by john_hudson:
<< … enabling WebKit with View>View Mode>WebKit …

< Are u running KDE 4.3.5 or KDE 4.4 already?
< Because my KDE 4.3.5 konqueror does not have that view mode under view menu.

My Konqueror (4.4.3) does not have that option, either.
With 4.3.x, I did the following (now 4.4.3, too).

Launch a terminal emulator (konsole, xterm, sakura, etc.),
and enter on the commandline:

$ keditfiletype text/html

When a small window pops up, click on the “Embedding” tab.
Move “WebKit(webkitpart)” to the top. Click “Apply”.

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I have KDE 4.3.5 and Konqueror does have that option. You need to be on a web page, for example;, then go to View>View Mode>Webkit

When I went to and tried a test meeting, it did not do as you described in your original post.