All sound has been lost on 13.1 KDE

Hi guys, I wrote about the same issue on Hardware but guess it’s not the right place. Thing is I have had no problem with sound but I have booted up this evening and this is as mute as a statue. I know I haven’t gone deaf because the fan is blowing, so it must be something I broke. Have tried PulseAudio, KMix, everything I know (that’s another matter of contention, the ridiculous amount of audio-related stuff). I have even tried using the terminal, but it’s done zilch.

So please if you could help me I would be really grateful.

Yes this is the better place, but we seem to have picked it up already in “Hardware” at

As noted the thread was continued here in Hardware :

I am going to close this thread to web based users and I request any NNTP user interested go to the hardware NNTP topic area for the thread entitled " No sound whatsoever on 13.1 KDE" . Please do not post on this thread in multimedia any more.

Thank you to all for your understanding.