all sound but the login screen is not working

I just installed the opensuse 11.2 64 bit version on my gateway md2614u.

I am having sound problems. There is no sound for the internet (youtube was the test) and the amarok audio will not play any mp3 files. The only sound that I can hear is the initial start up noise. Other than that there is no sound.

I would give you my sound card information but I have forgotten the command to look up hardware information (like the sound card), so if you need that information could you please remind me what the command is?

Thanks in advance.

Did you download and install mp3 and other restricted formats support from here:

openSUSE 11.2 - Restricted Formats
Download the one-click install and follow the instructions to install support for restricted formats like mp3 etc.

You need Flash to run YouTube videos, but I suppose you have installed that already.
This thread might solve your problem.

Btw, for the sound card information it’s somewhere there in KDE Hardware Info or something like that … search from the menu. I can’t tell for certain because I’m not using openSUSE right now.

Ok that fixed the mp3 problem but I still do not have any sound. I can play mp3 but I can not hear it or any thing else for that matter.

Thank for helping me with the mp3 problem.

Do you or any one else out there have any other ideas?

Go to Yast and see if your sound card is setup. Try resetting it there. Also make sure your volume is set.

Ok i did the MP3 thing that the other guy was taking about and I now am able to hear every thing on youtube but I can not here any thing when it comes to the Amarok player. It will now play the tracks but I can not hear them at all. What do you think I should do?

Take a read here:
Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide … and follow that guidance, and ALSO install the Packman packaged version of Amarok.