All services in Yast2 are disabled


I just reinstalled opensuse leap 42.2 after btrfs ate my root.

When I was entering a new firewall rule today SuseFirewall said there was another firewall installed. I thought it was strange since I haven’t installed any such firewall.
Opened the services manager in Yast and saw that all services are marked as disabled. A lot of services are running though.

When I try to enable the services, some look like they are enabled, but after a reboot they are disabled again.
If I try to enabled some services that are currently running, it says 'This service cannot be enabled/disabled because it has no “install” section in the description file.

I thought I opened the services manager at least once after reinstalling, and everything looked normal back then.
How do I go about troubleshooting this?

(The YastFirewall rules does seem to work though, and the service is running)