All of the sudden, no more audio via headphones (internal speakers work)


all of the sudden my headphones have stopped working (to be more
precise for more than 1,5s).

I’ve installed pavucontrol and Gnome’s Sound Input & Output Device
Chooser extension.

Usually I switched to the headphones via the Gnome extension and this
has been working flawlessly until now.

Whenever I try to play audio via VLC or Gnome Vidoes it defaults to the
internal speakers. When I use the extension to switch to the heaphones
it plays sound for about 1-2s, then stops and yields an error:

>>pa_stream_writeable_size() failed: Connection terminated.

When I try switch to the headphones via pavucontrol I get a mesage

>>Establishing connection to pulseaudio

Then the window closes and I’m back to the internal speakers. Can’t seem to be able to select headphones at all.

What to do?