All I want for Christmas (or other) is ...

For anybody who celebrates holidays this month (whether it is over, or right around the corner), what do (did) you hope to get this year?! :wink:

I’m hoping for a Netbook, though I have very little hope of getting anything like that. In part because we finally got a Nikon DSLR and my wife is going through sticker-shock! :eek:

How about you?


I’m hoping for this for my netbook; - OCZ Vertex 2 OCZSSD2-2VTXE60G 2.5" 60GB SATA II MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)

Do you think making it the browser home page was over the top? :wink:

Do you think they got the hint, though?

I found something I want… this! 400 mph RC plane. [VIDEO] … a 400 MPH R/C Jet plane!

Hopefully they have… :slight_smile:

Awesome plane!! Too fast for me…

I received one early. My old computer chair was in miserable shape (though
I liked it while in good condition). I got a Steelcase Leap chair (leather
with the arms)… VERY nice so far. I love my wife… even more than the
chair :slight_smile:

lol! Might account for a few UFO sightings. I would have the plane, only if it has autopilot with a terrain following feature, for hilly countryside. :wink:

Terrain Terain, Pull UP! Pull UP!

Onboard video camera, would be cool as well.

And trees!:open_mouth:

Hopefully included in the ride height setting. Unfortunately I don’t think your plane is quite big enough to carry the required radar technology. :frowning:

Surprised nobody’s said “my two front teeth” yet! :wink:

More holidays.

All I want is a JOB, been out of work for 4 months, this is taking a toll on my savings.

Just to keep my health and spirit. No gifts this year. Just no money for that. My gift comes when the i get my tax return.

I would want an alienware aurora for this christmas eventhough we do not celebrate christmas nor sure if they ship Aurora in India. Alienware Landing :slight_smile:

why do you withhold so much?

I want, and I will get, a LPI or Red Hat certification

Go for it bro, it’s good to have those skills under your belt.

Was in Curitiba once. Very enlightened city. Jaime Lerner is one of my heroes.

what sort of work did you do before you were laid off?

@ RichardET

Business Analyst/Technical Writer but I think my Christmas prsent is going to arrive today I have a offer letter. :slight_smile:

I want a job invitation from the google, and refuse it…