All I get is Grub Rescue when booting.

Hi All,

I have 3 HDD’s

  1. 1TB (sda - Which is partitioned into swap (sda1), boot (sda2), root (sda3) & home (sda4))
  2. 1TB (sdb - Backup drive)
  3. 2TB (sdc - MultiMedia drive)

Re-installing 13.1 (64bit) KDE, I told the installer to install grub to sda2 (boot).

Rebooting without the install DVD still comes up with grub rescue :frowning:

I’ve been running linux since 2007, got to say that Windows 7 looks very attractive from where I’m sitting (getting old & just want things to work).

Any advice always gratefully received!


I suggest to boot using the DVD and do the following.

Once you are logged in then you can use

yast2 bootloader

to check and adjust the bootloader installation.

To check for the bootable flag

fdisk -l

Run grub2

grub2-mkconfig /boot/grub2/grub.cfg

Run mkinitrd


If those command did not produce some errors then you should be fine. If you are halfway the installation process and the first reboot will not succeed for what ever reason then this also a solution