All I can say is OpenSuse 11.1 is " "

OpenSuse 11.1 is awesome on this version. I finally have a version that is virtually pain free. I use this version all the time. I rarely have to boot into WindowsXP and only to keep my son’s and wife’s stuff up to date and patched. I hope one day real soon, Linux finally takes off and rolls over M’s, because I think this desktop is just about ready for the “Multi-tasker” who is tired of opening windows in Microsoft and the machine slows to a crawl or stalls altogether and you know the rest. Keep up the good work because I am firmly behind this product… Keep my world rocking !!!

Ah - probably time for me to get on with 11.1 in virtual box then to see that it does do way my 11.0 does.

Also agree complete with the multi-tasking comment. In 11.0 where I am it is so smooth on a uniprocessor machine. Roll on my multi core jobbie.