Alienware with open suse 11.4 ---- HDMI NOT WORKING

I’m running XBMC and I want to be able to see HD movies in my TV trough the hdmi output.
Any idea how to get the HDMI output in Alienware to work?
I have the latest nvidia drivers installed.



Did you try with another player ? Check the level of all the channels in alsamixer. be sure to select the right audio card in pressing F6. You surely have a channel muted there.

I do not want to reproduce audio, I want to the HDMI output for VIDEO.
I want to see the TV screen as a monitor using HDMI

How did you load the nVIDIA video driver (1-Click, Repository or Hard Way)? Do you have the application nvidia-settings loaded (/usr/bin/nvidia-settings)? To switch to a secondary output, like HDMI from your primary I open nvidia-settings, go to X Server Display Configuration (on the Left) , make sure your HDMI TV is on and set to the correct HDMI input, Press the Detect Displays on the bottom right and two monitors should appear. The new monitor will be disabled. You are adjusting the monitor that is surrounded in a red box. To switch, select the new monitor in the Layout Window with your mouse, pick the configuration button and pick Twinview. Now select your normal monitor with your mouse and select disabled. Finally, to switch select the apply button. You would reverse this process to switch back to your primary monitor. This procedure applies when you have installed the Proprietary nVIDIA video driver and the nvidia-settings application.

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Finally, issue has been solve in OPEN SUSE 12.3 with nvidia driver version 319.32
I follow the same exact procedure and is working
Any other version previous than 319.32 will fail.

After the installation I was able to reproduce HD Video and Sound through HDMI
Long thread but now is working for me

Well happy to hear of your success and its hard to believe over two years has passed with this issue only being recently resolved. Thanks for the update on the situation.

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