Alfresco + Tumbleweed

Anyone with suggestions on how to integrate Alfresco documents with a Tumbleweed setup?
I am using the community version of Alfresco which is on a server on the internet.

Since I have a private life I’m trying to spend some time on, would it be to much to at least provide a link to what you’re talking about? The internet is sooooooo big :slight_smile:

You’ve got a life???
Where do you buy that?

Sorry, thought Alfresco was well known as a “free” document management system.

The problem you are explaining is so good to see. if you really go through this then it’s really not a big problem to solve. You need create your system compatible enough for doing this. I must say the system compatibility with the router is much more needed whenever you are trying to do this thing. I also faced Netgear Router Password Issues while I am using this. So do one thing check the router properly.