alert starting konsole Warning: Could not find '', starting '/bin/bash' instead

Hi, on my laptop using KDE when I start konsole this alert appear:
Warning: Could not find ‘’, starting ‘/bin/bash’ instead. Please check your profile settings.
what have I to do to get rid of it?

What’s the output from:

echo $SHELL


pla@pla4-TW:~> echo $SHELL/bin/bash

The line breaks there are weird. The “/bin/bash” should be on a new, but looks like a continuation of the previous line. But I suspect that has to do with your browser and how it pasted in text.


Konsole → Settings → Edit Current Configuration

It should show a field for “Command”.

From your error message, perhaps that field is empty. The default should be your shell (i.e “/bin/bash” without the quotes).

Try entering that, and see if it fixes your problem.

yes, the “/bin/bash” line was on a new line, I don’t know why it resulted in that way, may be you suspect is right, I copied and pasted as as ctrl+v or ctrl+shift+v

maaaanythanks, it worked, the line command field was empty and also the initial directory field, I entered in command field “/bin/bash” and the alert disappeared

I’m glad that it is now working properly.

Thanks! That was It.
I was looking at ‘(dot).profile’