Alarming global conspiracy??

Most mornings I like to start the day by eating 2 delicious boiled eggs.

Is it just me that’s being picked on, or does anyone else notice that sometimes the egg is upside down in the shell?

The egg looks normal in every way, and I always make sure I put them in the egg-cooker the proper way up (pointy end down!), and even take the added precaution of floating the eggs in water beforehand to make sure I get the floaty end.

I’m starting to think this is a global conspiracy by either the animal rights mob, or even more frightening, the chickens themselves!

Imagine the global mayhem caused by chickens randomly deciding to make an upside down egg!

The mental anguish caused could be catastrophic.

And it doesn’t end there, I’ve noticed that eggs are becoming more oval than pointy, some eggs have no point at all causing mass confusion in the kitchen.

Is this by design or global pollution?

We need to stamp this behaviour out now before it takes hold globally.

Who knows where it will end, maybe the chickens are about to take over! Evolution in progress ;).

Sorry, as you can tell I was a little bored this morning :.

Here’s something for you to digest;

Repeat after me: The men in the white coats who will turn up at my door are my friends. The men in the white coats who will turn up at my door are my friends.

There you are, you’ll all set now. lol!

> Repeat after me: -The men in the white coats who will turn up at my door
> are my friends

agree! Mr. GrowBag is in serious need of a tune up, past WELL
overdue…and maybe a fsck, defrag and RAM dump…


He should contact “Boycott Novell”. They might know who’s behind the egg conspiracy.

Probably not a hidden conspiracy. Just search through the mass of EU food legislation, including for example only allowing straight bananas, and not allowing mishapen vegetables (no, not the EU legislators ;)). It was only a matter of time before pointy eggs were made illegal. Suggest you have a word with your Euro MP, they can usually be found aboard the gravy train. HTH.

Sometimes you can find yourself in parts of these forums that your mother warned you about… Interesting discussion here.

They’re coming to take me away, he he
They’re coming to take me away, ha ha
Ho ho, he he, ha ha

Don’t know about eggs… But this carrot makes me nervous.

Cooking With Coldcut - Video

On 08/31/2009 consused wrote:
> including for example only allowing straight bananas,

Queer bananas have never been illegal in the EU! <G>
(It was cucumbers, and that regulation is no more, to be fair)


Ok, I am reminded about the cucumbers (that alone supports my suggestion). Bananas? It’s only a matter of time.

Eggs have a pointy end so they don’t roll out of the nest/craggy rock/metal box - they roll in a circle instead of making a mess below.

Try it on your kitchen worktop…

So, I can only assume if pointy-ended eggs are being phased out in favour of oval ones that one of the below is true:

  1. Chickens are doing it because they have become suicidal and have given up on perpetuating the species


  1. Brussels/EU are doing it to stop us eating eggs, in a bold move to get us all to eat more soylent green (this is now being offered for sale in McDonalds and other reputable eateries, also to be found in the freezer aisle of your local supermarket. Bird’s eye? Man’s eye!)

Either way, its a bad sign…

it’s the chickens!!!1!!1!1 it’s the chickens!!1!1!1!!oneone :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. It’s chicken feed. :P:P

Concerned parents are concerned that point eggs may be hazardous to your health.

Now I’m concerned…

quote form one chick that i knew: ¨so many eggs and so few of us¨

growbag, you have to register now for survival lottery at:
The IHC: The Institute for Human Continuity


WOW! That bunch are some REAL loonies, I like em ;).