Aladdin USB dongle driver


I need some help with installing Aladdin USB dongle Driver. Can someone shine some light on this?


How about you shinning some light on what type of device this is (don’t say USB)…as well as providing some additional info such as what version of openSUSE you’re using, what desktop (and version of that) …

I’m using openSuse 12.3 on Dell’s Optiflex 790 with i5. The USB dongle is from Acresso Software FlexNet.

lsusb shows the USB dongle:
Bus 002 Device 009: ID 0529:0001 Aladdin Knowledge Systems HASP v0.06


If your goal is to secure the data on your system, there are other solutions you can use to do so. What is your intent behind using the Aladdin HASP system?