I have a small question about Akregator.

All threads from this website seems to double at the end of day. None of the other feeds are doing this, only this one. I have deleted the folder and re-make it. I have started with an empty folder in the morning. Everything will run as it should all day long, then all of a sudden everything will double at the end of the day.

Does anyone understand what is going on.

I see that with the SUSE security announcements.

Checking one particular message that that “doubled up”, I see that one copy of the message has a url that begins “http:” while the other copy has a url that begins “https:”.

Perhaps I should try subscribing only to the “https:” version, and see if that avoids the doubling. I think opensuse at present is redirecting “http:” requests to “https:”, but maybe it doesn’t always redirect so we then get it twice.

I only saw this on one (or two, but not all) feed items I have here. Also I can not pin this down to a particular time until now. At the moment all is OK here. I will watch this now with more agilaty to gather more info.

BTW this seems to be something bound to the forums. Thus I assume that the Forums Feedback is a better place for this thread. When you agree, I will move it there.

I was hoping there was a checkmark that i could uncheck. Somehow I dont believe that will be the case. We dont have to move the thread. Just go ahead and delete it.


No, we normaly do not delete threads (for the benifit of all members). And this seems to be something that more of us have. nrickert’s suggestion could be true and the powers behind our forums could tell us more.

This will be moved and is CLOSED for the moment.

Moved from Applications and open again.