Akregator shows only blank pages.

After some recent update, I have strange problem with Akregator. I have Akregator 4.7.4-3-20-31. Articles are downloaded normally, but in teaser I see only plain text, no images. And when I open article within Akregator, I see only white page. Nothing more. No idea what happened… :frowning: Any advice?

Hm. The problem is somewhere in Konqueror settings. I had to change rendering engine from WebKit to KHTML and turn off automatic Ad-block filters. Strange.

As you forgot to add the most basic information, like which version of openSUSE you use, It will be difficult for people to make any usefull comment.

Ah, sorry, openSUSE 12.1, KDE 4.7.4, but IMHO it can be same regardless version.

It does matter. Without it we do not even know if you use a supported version. We will not even be sure you use openSUSE (yes, tthose things happen) and in any case, when people try to help you by doing the same on their system they are interested in doing the same as good as you have it.

You should allways try to help the people that might help you by providing as much information as possible. not as little. Many people will go for another thread whe they first have to ask for the obvious.

I only gave you a little hint to provide more information. You could, out of your own, have told more about “some recent update”, which is very vague. The fact that the forums here are not full of threads about the same problem should signal you that you are maybe unique in having this. Thus we, together with you have to find out why and in what subject your case is unique. It does not help when you have the assumption that we all did the same “some recent update” from the same repo or from whatever.