Akregator doesn't fetch feeds.

I am using Akregator on Frameworks 5.80.0 and Qt5.15.2. I have several feeds in which the article listings have completely disappeared. When I click on fetch feeds, nothing is fetched. Those which have articles listed have them from several months back, but no new ones. Is there a way to keep my feeds and have them start refreshing again?

Akregator is working fine here. But I’m on Frameworks 5.71.0 and Qt 5.12.7.

My best guess is that you have managed to cause some incompatibility with your move the the new Frameworks and Qt.

That’s definitely possible, but I have been using the Frameworks and Qt repositories well before the problem started. I’m wondering if there are others with the same experience.

i had to switch de kde extra repositories due to kmail/akonadi/mysql bugs that were not solved, and i have the same 5.80.0 and Qt5.15.2 versions. So far, akregator is still working good. And i hope i won’t face any new “features” like the one you describe with the next updates.
A few years ago i lost many akregator feeds beacause of unsufficient disk space which caused the akregator archives to be corrupted. Do you have enough disk space ?

I have plenty of disk space. Where does akregator store it’s data? Perhaps I can delete it and let akregator start over?

It is all in “$HOME/.local/share/akregator” (mostly in subdirectories of that).

If you delete everything, that will also delete the feeds. If you just delete the “Archives” directory, that won’t lose your feeds.

Best to close Akregator before you delete anything.

Thanks for the location. I closed Akregator and deleted the archives directory. Now everything is working as it should.

Thanks again.

I’m glad to hear that.