akonadi spawing many, many instances?

I see over 37 (I stopped counting there) instances of akonadi in the process table of System Monitor. Why are so many of these just sitting there? My other system has one instance. If I kill them they pop right back up.
If I high light it it displays/us/bin/akonadi_contacts_resource–identifier akonadi_contacts_resource_XX where XX is a number. I don’t use kmail or any of that **** I use Thunderbird Firefox and Google Chrome.

What’s up with all these instances.

you might have figured it out on your own by now, but you’ll most likely have to kill akonadi_control first before killing all the threads, you might have multiple instances of mysql to deal with too.

once you get akonadi/mysql shut down, you could learn something about your problem by using the command “akonadiconsole” from a terminal window. This starts a diagnostic that may give you a hint of what causes this situation. In addition there may be information in the terminal window output that may be relevant.

if i was in your shoes, i’d take all that info to the kde channel on irc.freenode.net (there is an akonadi channel but i think it’s for development).

good luck :slight_smile:

It seems to be the migrator is runing everytime I boot and the clock is launching an new instance every time the system is booted. This thread here gives a way to remove the instances. Via

kcmshell4 akonadi

akonadi_contact • KDE Community Forums

Now how to stop the migrator from running on that machine every time I boot is the new quest/search. I might be misunderstanding this issue though.