Akonadi/KMail/Kontact Problem - Opensuse 11.4 64-bit

Great experience with Opensuse 11.4, if there would not be KDEPim whcih is truly starting to drive me nuts. Ever since changing to 4.4 the problems only got bigger, using 4.5.5 under 11.3 made it run a bit better but now back to 4.4 under 11.4 is the worst experience ever with freezes up to a couple of minutes.
Trying to figure out what the problem could be I feel kind of lost but before switching to another program - which is a pain in the neck because I have a couple of GB of data - I wonder if there is not an interim error-fixing solution until it is clear if KDEPim can solve the obvious problems. What bothers me a bit and makes me feel unsure about KDEPim is that I see hardly any decent information about what is going on and what really holds up the development of it.

Trying to figure out the errors, I find these messages (sorry translated from German so the correct English Translation could be a bit different)
Nepomuk not registered at D-Bus (Nepomuk Suchdienst nicht am D-Bus registriert)
Found previous error Protocol of Akonadi Server and link shows "D-Bus session bus went down - quitting)
Found previous error protocol of the Akonadi Control program (Akonadi-Steuerprogramm) and the link shows "D-Bus session bus went down - quitting)

I can only assume that this is the root of the problem but if anybody can assist it would be greatly appreciated.

Try this: find the directory .config/akonadi in your /home and delete all its content.

Well, that really made a difference. Speed is now acceptable again and so far no freezes anymore.
I still get an error message “Nepomuk search is not registered at D-Bus”, but as long as I see no consequences, I can live with that.