Akonadi Googlecalendar resource eating memory

For the last two days, I have two akonadi googlecalendar resources that are massively consuming memory. This morning I saw that my memory usage was over 8 gb. Of the eight gb, 5 gb was consumed by two akonadi googlecalendar resources. I killed them and they came right back and started using up memory. I rebooted and went to do other things for a few hours. When I looked at the computer, the two processes were back and each was using up over 800 mb of private memory – 1.6 gb between the two of them. Once again, I killed them, but I suspect they will come back. Is there a way to get rid of them permanently or fix the bug that is causing this? I’m using Leap 86_64 on a system which I upgraded from 13.2. Everything was fine for a week or two – this started about a day or two ago. I did not add any new software other than that added by the software update demon, so I don’t think it is anything peculiar to the system. It does, however, make the system unusable after a while. Is there a fix?