Akonadi and GMail

Hi all, I have set up some akonadi resources for my gmail account; two emails, several calendars and contacts. They all work pretty well most of the time without any input from me.

On some occasions though, I get a warning message telling me my username and password have been rejected, sometimes when I boot into the system, sometimes when I have been logged in for a while. I re-enter my password and all is fine again. but I don’t get notifications anymore unless I try to modify the resource again and re-save it.

I am using kmail as my email client.

Is this a known issue?

I can nott answer you directly, and it could be that better answers wil be given hre. But I like you to point to the KDE-PIM mailing list where many KDE Kmail users are gathering andsharing problems: https://mail.kde.org/mailman/listinfo/kdepim-users

AFAIK this is not akonadi that’s doing this, but Google. You see it in a browser to, even if you set auto-login/remember me. Once in a while Google will throw you to it’s login screen, where your password manager has the credentials, but Google wants you to click that login button. Security measure.

Knurpht, thanks for letting me know. Nothing to worry about too much then.

Has anyone else experienced this via any other email client that does not rely on Akonadi?