Aircard Verizon V740

Being that I am fresh meat to the linux world, my first question would be…are there drivers available to connect via aircard for a verizon v740 card. I will be using/experimenting with SUSE at work and the only way to connect is by aircard.

Thank you in advance,

Thats a USB card?

Maybe not. … I note usb_modeswitch packaged for openSUSE by the Packman packagers: PackMan :: Informationen zum Paket usb_modeswitch but when I go to the web site: Draisberghof - Software - USB_ModeSwitch I don’t see that card listed.

still … having typed that I note a ubuntu user claimed to have some success over a year ago, so maybe something along those lines could be applied to openSUSE: Re: Verizon wireless with ubuntu