Agenda herinneringen

Sorry, Linux is still a difficult thing for me. I just installed tumbleweed after years of Leap. Because I have some problems with programs that get stuck at certain moments I looked in the system monitor and saw a program named “agendaherinneringen” (agenda reminders?) which took up to 700MB memory space. I tried to find what this is, but can not find anything. I guess it is just a simple ignorance on my side but I have nothing installed with which I could explain this existence. Can you pleas use some simple language in explaining. thank you so much

Maybe korganizer?

Sorry Joep, but for some reason you posted this in the Dutch section of the openSUSE forums.
This will be moved to the English section.

I posted this in the Dutch section because I am Dutch and the language of my system is also dutch. But because I saw not any dutch word I used English for my question. My English seems to be better then my knowledge of Linux

You should decide what you want. The Dutch section is clearly for those who want to post in Dutch.

did that. Reposted in Dutch with another title. by the way the title “agendaherinneringen” in one word was’nt accepted in both English and Dutch.

Then the English one (this) will be closed.