Age of Conan

I played Runescape some years ago and moved on to WoW for three years until boredom over took me. I tried Runescape again and I am very annoyed with how they run things and treat their customers, like they are doing us a favor even though it is our money going to them. Besides that game has an annoying way of lagging and stopping to load way to often for my taste.


I was looking for a game that was like WoW. But I went in a different direction and I am currently trying AoC. Now it looks like all the wine tests so far have turned out to be garbage except for one older one that says it more or less worked in Suse 11.0.

Does anyone know if there have been any changes or advancements in getting this to work well, not partially, with Wine? What about Cedega? Or any other one for that matter?

AoC looks like a game I will be playing for awhile, though I now need to upgrade my 3D card. My current one works fine I just want a better one for the game, lol.

(WoW and Runescape fans. No disrespect intended.)

Cedega might be the choice if you are going to play aoc on linux i am not aware of any other emulators, cedega ports a lot of games and aoc might be one of them.

I haven’t tried Cedega but I did check it out recently. As far as I know some people can install it, some can even get it to work but it crashes a lot and takes a lot more resources.

I bought this game online, digital download. You get a small installer that ends up downloading over 12 gigs. If I can find the direct download for the game I wouldn’t mind playing around with it and seeing for myself. But to download that much each time is a lot and takes awhile with my connection.

I am using Win7 64bit RC right now with the game, until June 2010. So I am hoping there is progress somewhere by then. If not I may be stuck installing Vista or XP 32bit.

If I learn anything new I will post it here.

Looks like I am stuck with Windows for a little while longer just to use this game. I am going to install XP 32bit though, it keeps crashing with Windows 7 64bit and I really don’t want to use AoC on Vista (which I don’t have installed) if it is crashing on Win7. Looks like the security updates for XP will go until 2014. So hopefully by then AoC will work with wine.