Agda failing osc

Hello i am trying to build Agda package . Link :

I have not edited any thing just placed the agda files in my home project.

I gives unresolvable error like this : nothing provides ghc-EdisonCore-devel, nothing provides ghc-boxes-devel, nothing provides ghc-data-hash-devel, nothing provides ghc-equivalence-devel, nothing provides ghc-geniplate-mirror-devel, nothing provides ghc-hashtables-devel, nothing provides ghc-monadplus-devel, nothing provides ghc-murmur-hash-devel, nothing provides ghc-strict-devel

what can i do to fix it ??

For SLE 15 you need to build against openSUSE:Backports:SLE-15 ( should sort out most if not all of the dependencies, for the other SLE releases you would be on your own and need to build in your project.

Okay , “build in your project” i don’t understand this part. Like what am i supposed to do for it ?? Sorry for noobish question but i am really not sure how to resolve these errors or how to proceed

You would have to build (upload to your OBS project) the additional packages in your project, to satisfy the build requirements for Agda (hopefully that makes sense).

So if a package A needs package B and package C to build, package C is already built for the target OS eg SLE 15, but package B isn’t, then this is what you need to build in your project for package A to finally build…