After WOL system reboots at shutdown command

Hello forum,

I face an issue with a new installation in Zotac ID18.

When the system triggered by WOL magic packets at the first try for shutdown the system only reboots.
At the second try the system terminate properly.

When WOL (Bios or ethtool) is disabled OR Power Button for startup pressed the system shutdown properly with the first action

OS Opensuse 13.1
Bios run at last update

thanks in advance for any help/answer


It might be helpful to diagnose the shutdown issue using

journalctl -b

To list the journal, use the journalctl command.
If you have a syslog service (such as rsyslog) running, the journal will also forward the messages to it, so you’ll find them in /var/log/messages (depending on rsyslog’s configuration).