After upgrading to LEAP 15, DNS stop working

I did a DVD-upgrade from LEAP 42.3 to LEAP 15.
Everything seems working except DNS.

I can Ping IP-address, but can’t resolve DNS. So network is working, but DNS is not working.
Then i think maybe Firewall has been change in LEAP 15 so DNS is blocked, so i try to enter Firewall Configuration. There i get a message that i need to install Firewall-config from Opensuse-repository. But since DNS is not working, i can’t install anything from internet.

So how do i solve this?

I temporary solved this problem by manual add dns-nameserver in /etc/resolv.conf
But i guess its not suppose to be like this?

Fastest try is remove /etc/resolv.conf and restart the network (e.g. by a reboot).

…or has been mentioned in numerous threads recently this will do the trick as well…

sudo netconfig -f update

Yes, that also works.

I usually advise “Remove /etc/resolv.conf and reboot” because that is easier for people to remember.

Yes, the ‘netconfig’ approach is just quicker.