After upgrade to Firefox 47 from 46 OK/Cancel buttons reversed a la GNOME.

Hi all after upgrading from FF46 to FF47 (opensuse 13.2) the OK/cancel buttons are reversed in Firefox, I suspect it’s possibly down to something broken in KDE integration for FF47. Is anyone else seeing this and is there a fix ?


What did you do with Firefox for getting these buttons? How can we simulate that?
We need some more informations…

Set a master password for FF and it’s the confirmation box for password.

Bug report filed, see here for details:

You created an eternal loop rotfl!. But do not bother. They will not go to the openSUSE forums for details. Your bug report must be fully documented by itself else it will most possibly be skipped. The more while the attachement is about something different. :frowning:

My advice: be more descriptive, precise and detailed in describing problems as well here on the forums as on bugzilla. A good problem description contains always three main points: what did you do, what did you expect to happen, what happened instead. The first point was missing in your post #1 above and IMHO is again missing in your bug report.

At least I didn’t jump from a nested loop :slight_smile:

For further info, button reversal behaviour is also present using KDE plus Factory Firefox repo for FF47 in Tumbleweed.


Maybe Firefox changed it. The order of the buttons is a function of the app not the OS. And 47 is a major rewrite, so maybe someone changed the order

Firefox is a GTK application, and the button order is actually defined by the toolkit the app uses.
GTK/GNOME does use the opposite order (since ever, I think that’s “inspired” by MacOS).

The likely reason is indeed a problem with openSUSE’s KDE integration patches IMHO…

JFTR, I can reproduce the problem here (13.2).
It worked fine with 46, but the buttons are reversed in 47.

47 is supposed to be all new and is more or less beta but maybe it is the KDE shim

On the other hand maybe someone decided to make the interface constant between Desktops

Do you have any pointers that “47 is more or less beta”?
It is a stable release, isn’t it?
And it has been released as official update for the stable openSUSE releases…

If you are talking about the switch to GTK3, that happened in 46 already.
And openSUSE’s packages are still built against GTK2, also the 47 ones.

You are right of course that Firefox 47 has a lot of changes (I suppose).
And that probably “broke” the KDE integration patches, in this regard at least.

On the other hand maybe someone decided to make the interface constant between Desktops

I doubt that as well.
I am not aware of any conscious decision about that, and the openSUSE Firefox maintainer would probably have stated that in the bug report already, instead of asking for more information… :wink:

Just to be clear here: this KDE integration is completely openSUSE specific, and has been done by the “openSUSE Boosters” team years ago.


here are some important things about the KDE behaviour in Firefox:

  • In case something is visible on Tumbleweed (only) please mark that clearly. FF on Tumbleweed is Gtk3 with a full new can of worms
  • button order of gtk dialogs is determined by the KDE theme used. It needs to set gtk-alternative-button-order. The KDE patch in Firefox does not take care of that. At least the Gtk2 code in Firefox was enhanced years ago to be able to provide an alternative button order. Probably upstream changed something here.
  • button order of xul dialogs is determined in Firefox and the KDE patches. I’m not offhand sure which one of the provided screenshots is a xul dialog but I’ll check.

I read that 47 has major changes and any time Mozilla makes major change I always consider it beta even if official released, at least until one or two more releases. :stuck_out_tongue:

note removal of FUEL

May or may not have anything to do with the problem

I don’t really see major changes there, that would lead me to expect problems…

So basically every Firefox release is beta for you?
And you keep on using the previous betas, or what? :stuck_out_tongue:

note removal of FUEL

May or may not have anything to do with the problem

Apparently not.

And apparently wrosenauer managed to fix the problem already: (in openSUSE’s KDE integration patches)

Haven’t tested the updated package myself yet though.

I did now, and the button order seems to be fixed indeed.

I only tested the file download (open/save) dialog though, that was shown in comment#8.

Err… when will this update/patch will be available to OBS-Mozilla, or Opensuse-Update repositories (I use OpenSuse Leap 42.1)?
My current Firefox 47.0-24.1 still has this issue with buttons, and there’s not a more recent version in either of those repos.

I just detected FF 47 in the Update repo of 13.1.

It is available in the mozilla repo on OBS, I got it from there.

The fix will probably not be released as official update separately I suppose, but it will be part of the next Firefox update of course.

My current Firefox 47.0-24.1 still has this issue with buttons, and there’s not a more recent version in either of those repos.

The version is “older”. I have 47.0-6.1 installed.

47.0-24.1 is probably the one from the Leap 42.1 update repo.
If you have the mozilla repo in your repo list, select the “MozillaFirefox” package in YaST->Software Management, and click on “Versions” below the package list to install the version from there.

Or run:

sudo rpm -U --oldpackage

This will download and install the “fixed” package. (This exact command will only work until the package is updated the next time though)

Thanks a lot.
Done that, from Yast + OBS-mozilla repo (I was watching there, from time to time, expecting to see a newer version). Now buttons are at “proper” (preferred) position, and also, that ghost around the download button is also gone.
At this moment I see version 47.0-24.1 available in the repo, but Yast does not show Firefox to be upgradeable (I mean, it’s not “blue” :slight_smile: ), so I hope it would stay that way, and not try to suggest an upgrade to version 47.0-24.1.