After upgrade to 42.2, KDE mouse gestures prevent the regular mouse button press event

Hi. I used KDE mouse gestures extensively with the 13.2 and KDE4. Now i upgraded to 42.2 with KDE5 and noticed almost a showstopper regression. I use the right mouse button for gestures, and before the upgrade this button happily perforemed regular right-mouse actions ALONG WITH ability for KDE gestures. Now, after upgrade once I enable gestures they own the mouse button completely and prevent it to do regular right-clicks. Is it a known problem? Is there any workaround? Thanks in advance.

Oh, I found the issue was already reported at KDE bugzilla. But it is still not fixed despite the status of the bug is resolved…

In the KDE Bug Report there’s this comment:

Filzmaier Josef 2016-12-02 19:29:15 UTC

(In reply to Evstifeev Roman from comment #15)
> Can anyone plesase reopen this? This bug is still valid for
> systemsettings5-5.8.2-1.1.x86_64

Are you sure you have the correct mouse button set? For me it is currently fully functional on 5.8.4, but it also has been functional when i was at 5.8.2

Which KDE Plasma 5 version is currently installed on your machine?
And, in particular which System Settings and Touch Pad Settings versions?


No idea what is touchpad settings, but how it is realed? Te issue is about mouse gestures.

Sometimes “mouse” and “touchpad” are words used interchangeably on systems, so some clarification may be needed that you’re not using a touchscreen or touchpad.


Ooops: my mistake (must be the old age creeping in) – yes, you mean “Mouse Gestures” – and therefore the “System Settings” module is “Mouse Settings”.