after upgrade to 15.4 at the login ibus gives always this advice input method does not exist

Hi, on my desktop PC using KDE I upgraded to 15.4 following the instructions here
and everything seemed to went fine
but after the login I get this advice from IBUS:
so I follow the instructions but the input methods was present:
I rebooted twice and the advice was there again
could it to be related to this thread?

so, what I have to do to get rid of this advice?

i switched to fcitx.

ibus only works with gnome at the moment.

manythanks, I uninstalled IBUS

I tried to uninstall IBUS from another laptop with 15.4 and KDE but zoom depends from IBUS

YaST2 conflicts list - generated 2022-08-27 16:10:16

the installed zoom- requires ‘ibus’, but this requirement cannot be provided

 ] break zoom- by ignoring some of its dependencies
 ] Following actions will be done:

deinstallation of zoom-
deinstallation of ibus-m17n-1.4.6-150400.1.7.x86_64
deinstallation of ibus-lang-1.5.25-150400.1.13.noarch
deinstallation of ibus-gtk3-1.5.25-150400.1.13.x86_64
deinstallation of ibus-gtk-1.5.25-150400.1.13.x86_64
] keep ibus-1.5.25-150400.1.13.x86_64

YaST2 conflicts list END

how can I uninstall ibus and have zoom?