After Upgrade to 15.1 okular displays postscript as text unless you import it as pdf

Very strange, I upgraded my TeX machine from openSUSE-15.0 to openSUSE-15.1 and now okular displays my postscript files as text files unless I manually tell it to import the file as pdf. I could not find a setting for making this happen automatically, does anyone know how to get the old behavior back? (automatically interpreting the postscript when a postscript file is loaded).

Found out what happened in the changelog:

  • Split Postscript display functionality in a separate subpackage
    (bsc#1117336, boo#1122797)
  • List files for plugins, generators, and appstream metadata
    in spec explicitly instead of wildcards

After installing “okular-spectre” okular automatically interprets postscript files.

This should probably be done automatically, but I’m happy again.

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I added a comment to:

Unfortunately, with Leap 15.1 and Okular version 1.6.3, the print preview for PDF files also doesn’t work, unless the “okular-spectre” package is installed …

  • Curiously, if you open an OpenOffice/LibreOffice Writer (.odt) file with Okular, the Print Preview works, with or without the “okular-spectre” package !!!