After upgrade to 13.2, no network

opensuse v13.2, upgraded from 13.1
realtek RTL8111/8168 network adapter

After the upgrade, the computer no longer has a functioning network interface. Going to Yast::Network Settings shows the controller with the messages:

  • … kernel device eth0 or wlan not present
  • Mostly cause by missing firmware (for wlan)
  • See dmesg for more info

The entry cannot be edited. It cannot be deleted. I can add another entry and assign it to eth0; it is completely ignored.

dmesg had zero information about the netowrk. Literally nothing.

Obviously that is BS. The netowrk setup and connection was all perfectly functional 2 hours ago.

Where do I start looking for setup info, and what to correct?

I’m not familiar with this hardware, but worth checing if a driver is loaded for your hardware

/sbin/lspci -nnk

There will be an output block pertaining to your network device. If you want to share that information with us, the easiest way will be to copy/paste to a text file and transfer to an internet-connected machine via memory stick.

Is there any network device(s) reported by the following command?


FWIW, I note that there is a driver package available as listed here

Maybe you’ll need to download and install that package? (Again via an internet-connected machine and transfer via memory stick.)

Just to clarify further, once we know more details about the exact chipset, it should be possible to determine the driver and any firmware package required.

Wicked don’t work at all for me. I went back to network manager and everything is fine(as earlier). I have upgraded two boxes with same result. One of them with a completly clean installation.

So solution is: use Network Manager.

I am not sure what happened with the upgrade. There are 3 disk drives, each with 2 or more partitions. For no reason that I can see, the partition that was upgraded was on a disk that could not be booted. The system was booting to another disk with a much earlier version of the OS, using the upgraded parts mixed randomly with old parts.

I performed a clean installation on the bootable disk. It all performs as expected. I copied the user data to the new /home. The system part had very few customizations, not much work.