after upgrade display is too big

I followed the instructions for upgrading to tumbleweed. And now the screen overlaps the boundaries on all 4 sides. So much so that the menu key is not accessible and 2/3rds of the kick panel is below view.

how do I fix this?

What does the following report?


You should also tell us what kind of display you’re using (as that may be relevant here). For example, some TV displays employ deliberate over-scanning which can usually be disabled if necessary…

not sure how I,m going to do a code for you as critical elements of the screen are missing. It’ a sansui 21.5"’ fairly new

So, is this a TV? If so, can you not disable overscanning via the TV menu itself? (Fit to picture, fit to screen, …etc)

can’t seem to get the menu to do much. Input is hdmi. Picture was decent prior to upgrade

Not sure what else to suggest here. What graphics hardware do you have? For NVIDIA or AMD hardware it may be possible to switch to using a proprietary driver.

If you can manage to open a terminal window, you may be able to use xrandr to adjust the display size using something like

xrandr --output HDMI1 --transform 1.05,0,-35,0,1.05,-19,0,0,1

*This assumes the output device name is HDMI1 (you’ll need to get that from ‘xrandr’ first if not sure).


If that works, you may then be able to configure the required display settings at start-up.

yes it is a tv, resize is wide or full. neither resolves this issue. how do i get the display to resolve properly from cli and how do i get to and from the terminal without the menu?

If you can handle a CLI editor, you could try from a VT eg CTRL+ALT+F2, log in as user, then get the output device name using

xrandr -d :0

Next, create an autostart script with a CLI editor eg nano

nano ~/.config/autostart-scripts/

with the following (use the appropriate display output for your system eh HDMI1)

xrandr --output HDMI1 --transform 1.05,0,-35,0,1.05,-19,0,0,1

Save when done. Make the script executable with

chmod +x ~/.config/autostart-scripts/

Now reboot or restart the X-server with CTRL+ALT+Backspace (twice), and see if that results in a scaled display. YMMV.

I give up, I can’t get this obstreperous POS to work. re-install from scratch is ahead.

tanks for all the fish

re-installed, same story, HDMI picture is still wrong size, all 4 borders are outside of boundary and inaccessible. Too bad I can’t right-click on desktop and have access to the menus. Tried another distro, same issue. Yet 42.1 was working right. Disconnected the HDMI port and changed to VGA output and now display fits inside borders of monitor like original installation. What a PITA!

Thanks for all the fish

Not sure why that might be, but unfortunately a common issue with those using TVs as monitors. It can usually be controlled via the TV menu. A bug report is probably required.

Disconnected the HDMI port and changed to VGA output and now display fits inside borders of monitor like original installation. What a PITA!

I nearly suggested that before you went to the trouble of re-installing. I don’t know manufacturers still employ over-scanning. An unnecessary ‘feature’ in this modern world IMHO.

Yes, here is a suggestion: by clicking on the desktop, a drop-down menu should appear giving access to anywhere. Display settings should always give a choice in sizing, in this case, the choices are extremely limited. A user should have the ability to shift the display as needed, not just a “one size fits all” menu.