After upgrade 12.2 Software Updates fail

Just upgraded from 12.1 to 12.2 and everything seems to be working well except that after the upgrade and using the software update app all attempts fail reporting the very helpful “Failed:Failed” . Any ideas?

You might open a terminal session and run this command and post the result here:

zypper repos

You could give us more detail on just how you performed the “upgrade” and just what that means. Imagine that if you did an upgrade from a downloaded DVD, the main openSUSE repositories should be replaced, but you would want to check to make sure. Doing some sort of online upgrade might be more perilous,but just giving us more details on how it was done would be best. I just upgraded my 12.1 setup to 12.2, but actually I did a clean install of 12.2 from the DVD, while keeping my already separate /home folder, not formatting it, but just mounting it. I was able to keep all of my old settings, but I did have to reload every previous application I had been using for this to work. It seemed to work for me like a champ and highly recommended to anyone wanting to keep their old settings from 12.1.

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Yes, there is an open bug on this (also a test repository to add and
switch to if your wanting to use the applet), else run zypper from the
command line.

Bug reference is here;

Hopefully the update will be through the channel…

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