after updated kernel from 5.5.11-1 to 5.6.0-1 can't load KDE.

Today my Tumbleweed update kernel from 5.5.11-1 to 5.6.0-1 , I found an issue can’t load KDE GUI and boot to terminal console after reboot.

And I could load KDE well by bootloader option to opensuse Tumbleweed , with Linux 5.5.11-1-default.

Please help …

I would surmise you have a NVIDIA GPU, if so do you use the nvidia repository? There is a delay with the patches for the new kernel, so just boot from the previous kernel until the updated rpms are published.

Thank you, Yes, I have Nvidia GPU and using nvidia repository , Also reinstall again the Nvidia driver but issue still here.

Thank you for your tips !!

The new patched Nvidia driver is on the way to the Repo, so start your System with the latest kernel 5.5…

And wait for Update

Thank you,

For the impatient users I may provide a slightly modified patch file “kernel-5.6.patch” from GitLab as quick fix.

Due to limitations in the thread length to 15000 characters the required modification to the patch file now follows.
The necessary changes are limited.

Modification to the patch file:

Patch procedure - root access required:

  • boot new kernel 5.6
  • cd /usr/src/kernel-modules/nvidia-440.64-default
  • copy the modified patch file to /usr/src/kernel-modules/nvidia-440.64-default
  • perform patch:
    patch -p1 -i kernel-5.6.patch
  • compile driver:
    make clean
  • copy generated nvidia modules:
    cp /usr/src/kernel-modules/nvidia-440.64-default/*.ko /lib/modules/5.6.0-1-default/updates
  • depmod -a
  • reboot

Thank you, The update Nvidia driver has been released and all issue fixed.