After update to 4.4.92 lancelot continuously seg faults

After update to 4.4.92 Lancelot continuously seg faults, the crash report window opens and Lancelot automatically restarts thus opening up a new crash report window and … sort of a endless loop

Anyone else experiencing this - rebooting did not help, nor did deleting and restarting the widget

The app dev thinks its a " installation problem related to Solid (hardware layer of KDE)"

I posted bugs with no avail:

when you are using 11.3 RC with a KDE more advanced than what will be released with it, when it comes out tomorrow…then you are TESTING software…in doing that you are expected to KNOW how to solve the problems you encounter…AND report the bug you discovered–you can do at

thanks for helping by testing unreleased software…

Thanks for the response but if you read my previous post you would see that I had posted on both the kde and novell bugzilla sites and included links to those bug reports

Problem appears to be a caused by Kopete not being installed see