After update system is not reaching gui

Well… Hi everyone, I got some problem after updade my system, my opensuse tumbleweed x64 proprietary nvidia drivers is not reaching the graphical user interface, I don’t know how to debug, someone can help me?

My log:
I’m using tumbleweed about one year and yes I know that every kernel update I must rebuild nvidia css driver, my last built was against the 3.19.3-1 kernel which was working before some systemd(I must learn more about it :P) and gnome updates. During the boot the system reach the multi-user target and stop on utmp messages before reach graphical target.
If I use the console to run sudo rcxdm restart I reach the graphical target with no problem the driver works and DE too.

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You should have posted this in the Tumbleweed forum.

It is normal, with Tumbleweed, that you need to reinstall the Nvidia drivers after a kernel update.

You should post to the tumbleweed section.

I missed that in my first reply. You are possibly seeing a “gdm” problem with using Wayland on a nvidia display. Try “lightdm” (you might need to first install it).

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Firstly, I need thanks to everyone for all replies.

About the problem that I had, I did some research while I was studying journalctl and I found where problem was, I don’t know why but my username it wasn’t part of the users group, then I just placed in and rebooted and the problem was gone.

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i use repository nvidia form 13.2 obs, dont need reinstall after kernel update, only reboot, if need, two reboot in most cases, the driver compiling dinamically. fail if the new kernel not compatible with driver specific version