After update I cannot log in (graphical)

today I checked for updates , accepted to install them.
It seems there was problem with installing marble-doc-14.12.2-12.4.noarch.rpm.

I tried again but the same problem suddenly my GUI turned to black. I restarted my pc and now I cannot log in.

And what problem?

My guess would be that your / partition is full, this could cause plasma-desktop to crash, i.e. “the GUI turning to black”.
The error messages in your screenshots would support this theory.

If you are using btrfs, try to delete some snapshots, by running “yast snapper” in text mode.

Btw, marble-doc itself definitely can not cause such a problem, as it only contains the documentation for marble…

I can’t log-in at all :
but I had 15(14.9) Gb free before this problem ?
I know but I described what happened in details.

Trouble is the normal tools don’t show snapper usage :open_mouth:

It all looks like free space to most Linux tools. If you really have no use for snapper you should turn it off completly. The default settings in my opinion are far to aggressive for the average user.

You should be able to login in text mode, as root at least.
You might have to press Ctrl+Alt+F1 first though.

Then run “yast snapper” as mentioned, this works in text mode as well.

This only applies if you’re using btrfs as mentioned, though. You didn’t tell, and neither your openSUSE version, but I suspect it is 13.2, or else you wouldn’t have gotten this update anyway…

Thanks you were right :slight_smile: