after update, GUI login won't load and CLI login flickers constantly


after an online update this morning, my GUI login no longer loads, not even in recovery mode. furthermore, the CLI login flickers constantly, which makes it next to impossible to type in my password. this is b/c when it’s flickering, it doesn’t detect my key strokes…

here is an video of the flickering:

much appreciated if anyone has any ideas on how to make the flickering go away. thanks.

other info:

  • i’m on a Lenovo T460s with an nvidia chip
  • i can choose between kernel- and during bootup, not sure if the kernel was part of the update this morning


Install Mesa-dri.

See also and

(since you are using an nvidia chip, Mesa-dri-nouveau or the nvidia driver should help as well)

thanks. this worked! mesa-dri-nouveau was already installed. so i removed it and installed it again, and it prompted me for some conflict which then installed the dependencies. thank you so much!

For reference for others that might find this thread via web search, the CLI flicker is X trying to start over and over very rapidly. Either wait 60 seconds (iirc) or boot with “nomodeset 3” at the end of the linuxefi line from grub (press E to edit, F10 to boot after editing)

Small correction: to boot to text mode, you need to append “3”.
“nomodeset” is unrelated, and would only be necessary if the in-kernel graphics driver would have problems.

And if you are not using EFI but an old BIOS, the line would start with “linux” instead… :wink: