After update and reboot I could not log in to X11 desktop - why?

To be clear, I think the OP is only investigating alternative display managers (rather than a new desktop environment) as such.

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The maintainers of KDE3 and TDE share various patches. I use both, in Leap and TW, and Debian, Fedora, Mageia and *buntu. What ain’t broke don’t need fixin. :slight_smile:

Hi and many thanks to all. I am most grateful to hui for his excellent summary of my installation history and suggested new start. It is true that I have stumbled and blundered down this thread for two reasons:

First I could no longer run X11 desktop environment with the default SDDM. A bug has now been reported.

I wished to stay with this desktop because I am trying to minimise the differences between working on different machines, two of which are old and impeded by my having to use KVM remote switches for the office workstation but the machine I am using for this message has become my test bed for another look at TW.

Second and provoked by my change of graphics adaptor and as a layman, I wanted to learn and understand a bit more about the possible changes and developments which will stem from Wayland. Suggestions for Trinity are also appreciated and food for further thought.

I can easily do a fresh install as my data is backed up but even for this I have several options. Will pause and consider while I plan for blowing the dust out of my machine!

I had a look at this and thought I would try Trinity before starting a new build.

For those who know about these matters and are interested I installed TDM and tried the desktop both with SDDM and TDM as default DM. I had the same login problem I started with. In other words I could not log in. Same symptoms, entered pw, entered, waited and was returned to login again.

Time flies when you are having fun. I have reverted to SDDM and Plasma (Wayland) because this is the only combination I have found that works other than GDM.

Hi Hui,
My backup to pcloud has finally been completed so I am all set to do a fresh install. I shall run a network install of TW and then re-install the apps I still need.
Will start a new thread when I have problems and hope fewer are repeated.

Hi Hui,
Good call. Many thanks. After a new installation I have X11 desktop working perfectly as default.
It will take me a while to rebuild my workspace but all seems good and I can select either desktop and both X11 and Wayland work.

Thats good to hear. Sometimes it makes more sense to start new as it will cost less time and frustration.

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@Budgie2: You should update the bug report to mention that reinstalling has fixed the issue you were encountering.

Hi Dean,
Thanks for reminding me. Not sure how to mark it Solved but I have at least commented.