After update 10/19/2018 option to boot windows disappeared

Yesterday I update Leap 15 (with zypper up).
After reboot there is no option to boot (grub2) to windows (10).
How can I add there this option back (to boot to windows 10)?

I am not sure where was problem.
I did not find windows even bootloader editor in yast2 (probe for Probe Foreign OS was checked)
I just mounted windows disk and run bootloader editor once again and windows option is there…
So my issue is solved…

I think several people have had a similar problem. I may have had that problem myself, but I didn’t make notes so I cannot be sure.

It seems that “os-prober”, when run during install or upgrade sometimes doesn’t find everything. But when run again (as with updating grub or

grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg

then corrects the problem.